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Good Day,  these are the details on:



THE THOUSANDS WERE MADE WITH 25 CENT SLOT MACHINES!! NOT $10.00 – NOT $5.00 – NOT EVEN $1.00, BUT 25 CENT BETS. And, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!! Of course anyone can at anytime they want, BET with $1.00 - $5.00 - $10.00 Dollars or more if they wish to, and make much more money.

Hi: This could be the beginning of the BEST DAY of Your LIFE!! So, please sit down and spend at least 5 minutes or more to read this letter and go over it again and again if necessary. From this DAY FORWARD, you CAN and WILL be given the tools to potentially WIN MORE MONEY at the slots than you ever thought possible before. I only wish someone had sent me a letter like this 20 years ago. But that is wishful thinking, so lets get on with the letter.
I will show you exactly how to PICK the RIGHT SLOTS and MORE,to potentially WIN 9 TIMES OUT OF 12 at any casino, riverboat, track – anywhere. SHOW you how to WIN BIG MONEY with SMALL MONEY, or BIGGER MONEY with BIG MONEY.
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Fully GUARANTEED to potentially win you HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!! You must WIN many, many times the cost of my “MORGAN METHOD FOR SLOTS” secret system. And you can make Thousands over a shorter period of time than you think, as I will show you how in detail. At any casino, riverboat, or track. Or, you can return the “MORGAN METHOD” for a full credit or refund.
You may be wondering why my “MORGAN METHOD FOR SLOTS” wasn’t put on the market before this, if it was so good. The reason is, I became interested in the National Mail Order Business, and have studied it for some time now. Plus, I wanted to team up with a reputable 18 year company like WINTRACK that takes good care of its customers, and could ship my secret system out quickly. But, it just never occurred to me to write about my slots system and winnings. Til’ I started looking for material to write about, and sell by mail. After some thinking about subject matter, “A LIGHT SUDDENLY LIT”, and “MORGAN METHOD FOR SLOTS” was Born.
I said to myself there must be many people that would be interested in my slots system. As playing slots in the biggest casino game in the country. And since I have been winning 9 out of 12 times over a 20 year period, I sat down and started writing. This in brief, is why you have this letter in front of you.
You will have a well planned written system, complete with very simple explanations that details everything you have to know and do. There is no   guess work or mechanical methods used. You will know exactly how and what to do, as I explain it in complete detail. Written in every day laymans language. The usual wagering jargon is left out so the Beginner can understand it too. As for the Professionals, they can fit it in where ever they want to.
This is not a run of the mill slot playing system. There are no if’s and’s or but’s. This slots system can POSITIVELY GIVE YOU WINNERS. As it is written from my own 29 years of experience. It took me 9 years to develop this slot system. From then on for the next 20 years I’ve had winnings (during that time) of many THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.
This question has been asked of me, and also an answer given in the same letter I received, and I Quote, “Why do you want to give it away if it is so good? (Answer). If I had it I would never tell anyone about it, and …    
“I don’t believe you can win 9 times out of 12. But on a L-O-N-G Shot, if it is half, or 50% as good as you say it is, it would be worth more than $100.00 to me. If you can guarantee me to hit a nice payout only 50% of the time, I would buy it without question.” End of quote.
Believe it or not, 50% of the time is childs play with my SYSTEM.
My answer and reason is simply this. I am 62 years of age, and I plan on making some money selling my Slots System which you can buy from me for a reasonal price of only $47.00. I believe this to be a very small price to pay to able to win at the Slots 9 times out of 12. Thus, giving you a chance to win THOUSANDS of DOLLARS, like I have done. DON’T YOU BELIEVE THIS TO BE A FAIR EXCHANGE? I’M SURE YOU can only say YES! If it is NO, YOU WILL be MISSING the BEST CHANCE of a LIFE TIME, as YOU will THROW AWAY MANY TIMES the PRICE of my SLOTS SYSTEM trying to WIN on your own.
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I’ve been advised that I should charge 70 – 80 – 90 dollars or more for my SLOTS SYSTEM. AND TO BE FRANK WITH YOU, I KNOW IT’S WELL WORTH A MUCH HIGHER PRICE THAN I’M ASKING FOR. But I’m not a fool, nor am I greedy. It will make me very happy to know someone like your-self can buy it at a reasonal price. Then to use it and be able to make as much, and possibly much more money than I have. Also I would like you as a customer for all future manuscripts to be written. I know you will become a steady customer after you’ve WON MANY NICE PAYOUTS with my MORGAN METHOD FOR SLOTS system.
I’ve had this MORGAN METHOD for 20 years, and could carry it with me my maker. But why should I take it with me to my maker? I will sell it, make some money, and let you benefit from my experience also. So you can WIN Hundreds or Thousands too. Young or old. No matter what your legal age. Beginner or Pro.
People have asked me why I’m giving it to the public. I would like to point out that I have other interests that make money for me. Therefore, I don’t have to spend all my time playing the slots to make it. Another very good reason is, my wife likes to do other things, and when you’ve been married for 35 years, you will, or do understand.
There will be only a LIMITED NUMBER of MANUSCRIPTS SOLD each year. By limiting the number of MORGAN METHOD FOR SLOTS systems sold, my chances of winning at the slots will not change, and neither will yours. Therefore you and I can play the slots any time in the future to make as much money as we possibly can. Without the fear of odds dropping too low.
Those of you who BUY the “MORGAN METHOD FOR SLOTS”, (and I can’t think of anyone in there right mind who would pass it up) should keep it to them-selves, if at all possible. Why should you? Because if everyone had this system could drop so low, it wouldn’t be worth playing. I know this is a strong statement, but all the same it just happens to be true. And YOU will . . . UNDERSTAND when you get your own copy.
I want to express here the “MORGAN METHOD FOR SLOTS” system has’nt been written to try and KID, FOOL, or DEFRAUD the public. If it was the publications advertising my Ads would’nt let me advertise in them. Nor would I be able to sell this plan by mail or otherwise. What you are reading is true, NOT FICTION! BUT FACTS!
My average winnings have been as much as $100.00 TO $150.00 per day. Just in slots alone, which equals to $400.00 TO $600.00 for a four (4) days of slot play. So there is no reason why you can’t hit the slots for $1000.00 or more in a week every so often. As I’ve already done so myself at times in the past.
At another short stay of three days at the casino. I hit the slots 3 days in a row. After all expences were paid I had over $1500.00 from the slots and other winnings during the three day stay. More about other winnings, later in letter.
MORGAN METHOD IS A NAME YOU WILL REMEMBER FOR GIVING YOU THE SIMPLEST SYSTEM YOU WILL EVER FIND FOR WINNING AT THE SLOTS ANYWHERE. DON’T forget I have done this over and over in the last 20 years. After working it out over an 9 year period for a total of 29 years experience in SLOT MACHINE PLAY. Which makes me some sort of authority on this subject I would think.
A Sample Copy of Typical Wins and Losses
I am truly sorry that I cannot show you a picture here in these results of the face of each slot machine I’ve played (most establishments with slot machines simply won’t allow for cameras). Instead, the next best thing I could provide you with is a sample copy of typical Wins and Losses. All plays here were a single coin (or credit) of: 25 cents.
Here are the typical Wins and Losses . . .
MACHINE–3 Wheel   WHEEL 1           WHEEL 2         WHEEL 3     RESULT
Wild Cherry       Cherry            Double Bar      Double Bar  WIN
Double Diamond    Bar               Double Diamond  Bar         WIN  
Double Diamond    Double Diamond    Bar             Blank       LOSS
White Ice         White Ice         Triple Bar      2X          BIG WIN
White Ice         7                 7               7           WIN
Triple Diamond    7                 Triple Diamond  7           BIG WIN
Triple Diamond    Double Bar        Double Bar      Double Bar  WIN
Hot Pepper        Double Pepper     7               7           WIN
Hot Pepper        Double Bar        7               Bar         LOSS
Triple(5X)        (5X)              (5X)            (3X)        BIG WIN
Triple(5X)        Bar               Bar             Blank       LOSS
Crystal 7         Sevens Double Bar Double Bar      Crystal 7   BIG WIN
I’ve heard people say that it is impossible to hit the quarter slots for $1000.00 a week. Their claim is that the machines don’t pay that kind of money. To stop the disbelievers, and doubters, I’ve posted above slot play results from my personal players log book showing their payouts with winning (and losing) results.
Click Here To Get Your Copy Now
To prove the above mentioned please look at the above results on this page (and the prior page). Taken from top to bottom you see: WIN pays $.50, WIN pays $5.00, LOSS (no payout), WIN pays $5.00, WIN pays $2.50 (etc., etc.) 
Please remember these payouts were only for a single coin (or credit) – straight across. With Multiple Coins (or credits) your winning payouts will rise quite a lot!
NOW I will make ANOTHER STRONG STATEMENT AGAIN. If it were PHYSICALLY possible for me to be at the machines (7) days a week, using this limited sample ONLY as a projection of actual results, I can STATE POSSITIVELY THAT I WOULD’VE WON, and I STATE this FLATLY. There is only one small area where it couldn’t happen. And that is the three (3) times out of twelve (12). I SAY SMALL, BECAUSE I’VE HIT as many as 19 STRAIGHT PULLS, ONE AFTER THE OTHER. WITHOUT A MISS. SO I could have HIT FOR $1000.00+
In other words my possibility of missing two wins could’ve happened, but I still would’ve won over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS with my “MORGAN METHOD FOR SLOTS WINS 9 TIMES OUT OF 12”. No one is 100% perfect, but my “MORGAN METHOD” is as near as anyone will ever get.
Ther is nothing 100% fool proof as far as betting on the slots is concerned. But please believe me when I say this “MORGAN METHOD FOR SLOTS” is as near PERFECT as anyone will ever get. I’ve paid for many a very good expensive Vacation from using this SLOTS SYSTEM! And SO CAN YOU!
SLOTS AT THE TRACK: I’ve received inquiries asking me this – Can MY SLOTS SYSTEM be used on SLOTS AT THE TRACK? You BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR IT CAN. This system works on slots at the TRACK as well as at the casino. I’ve been to the track and won just as easily there as at a casino. The basics are the same and will work just as well almost anywhere you find slot machines.
In all fairness to you and me, I’m giving you a POSITIVE GUARANTEE. That you must win many times the cost of my secret SLOTS SYSTEM for any 7 day period, at any casino, track, etc., during the next 60 days, or you can return the “MORGAN METHOD” system for your money back.
(The guarantee above is written is this manner to stop any and all schemers, scalpers, or anyone else who may want to try and exploit this “MORGAN METHOD” system). Which is fully protected with a copyright.
Here are a few words about the author: My name is Frank Morgan. Have a nice home and business, and two great sons, Richard (“Dick”) and Arthur (“Art”) all on their own. A wonderful wife “Susan”. An in house advertising agency, named ART-RICHARD Advertising Associates. Also, a small mail order business that is growing steadily. Crash studies of mail order business brought me to writing this manuscript of my “MORGAN METHOD FOR SLOTS WINS 9 TIMES OUT OF 12”. (A nick-name I invented for lack of another one).
Because only a LIMITED EDITION is going to be PUBLISHED THIS YEAR, SEND for your “MORGAN METHOD” Manuscript book TODAY! DON’T BE LEFT OUT! As soon as the LIMITED PUBLICATION is SOLD, I will have to return you MONEY for this YEAR. YOU WILL NOT be able to PURCHASE another copy UNTIL NEXT YEAR! IF EVER (in the event that we decide not to publish again). SO . . . . ORDER NOW TODAY!
If I have’nt convinced you that “MORGAN METHOD FOR SLOTS” is the best buy on the market, at 50 BUCKS, then there is nothing I can do for you now. If it were phyically possible
or me to stand in front of each and every one of you receiving this letter, I could
easily convince you how important it is to have this info.


Now For Some Very Important News About Slot Machines:


On page 17 you are going to learn not only how but also why the “3-2-1” Pattern works.  You will find that you will need this to become a real winner playing slot machines.


On page 26 you will learn all about the Curve Pattern.


On page 30 you will learn all about the Incline Pattern.


Once you learn about these patterns you could become very good at spotting hot machines and you will also become very good at finding those Dead Machines.  These    Dead Machines are the ones that take everyone’s money.


Once you learned about these three patterns we know you will never go back to your old ways of playing.  And once you do hit that “Big Jackpot” you will find more and more things to do when these patterns are working. 


When they are working in your favor we know for a fact, that you could have some very nice big, winning days.  And when they are not working you will know when to play slower and lose a lot less money than normal.


After observing these three patterns over a period of time you will know exactly when to play a machine longer after it has been winning or you will know exactly when to leave a machine that has been winning and that has turned cold.


We advise you to read these pages very carefully and over and over a few times the minute you receive the book.  This is where the real secret lies as to winning and beating slot machines.


I must stress the fact that because only a LIMITED EDITION is going to be PUBLISHED THIS YEAR, SEND for your “MORGAN METHOD” Manuscript book TODAY! DON’T BE LEFT OUT!  As soon as the LIMITED PUBLICATION is SOLD, I will have to return your MONEY for this YEAR.  YOU WILL NOT be able to PURCHASE another copy UNTIL NEXT YEAR!  IF EVER (in the event that we decide not to publish again).  SO . . . . ORDER NOW TODAY!












P. S. For sending in your order right away i’ll show my appreciation for promptness by giving you a Handy Wallet-Sized Slots Card that you can take with you to the casino and use wherever you want to play! Thank You.









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