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Special News Release . . .




Dear Fellow Lottery Player:

    At last, it is true. Finally, it is available to you - a privileged lottery player who has
been selected to receive this special news release about the startling discovery and
release of our remarkable once-in-a-lifetime system: "TECH-7X Method" – the
absolute undisputed leading rank system designed exclusively to help you win
$Thousands$ of dollars – just playing a small select group of numbers. All this
money and wealth may soon be yours shortly after you receive our incredible new
system – just by following a few special instructions.

This newly discovered "TECH-7X Method" is so powerful and unique that you have
probably never seen anything like it in your entire life! What makes it unique is its simplicity
--- a simple, solid system that can potentially generate tremendous winning profits in
a short time. Tested in hundreds of actual lottery games to show a remarkable success rate,
it is one of the most powerful money-making methods ever created where you can start
with just a few dollars, and become . . .set for life! And, reinvest your winnings for a potential
avalanche of CASH !!

"How A New Discovery Can Help You Pick The Very Best Numbers"

Our intense study of the inter-dependencies between numbers has leaded us to
a breakthrough discovery in the Significant Relational Number Group (RNG). This had
enabled us to put together simple tables (such as the table in the example you will see
below). All you do is find the table that contained the last winning Pick-3 lottery
number (in this example the number was 131), and play each of the 4 shaded numbers
in the next drawing. What could be simplier and easier than that?

 (Sample) - Relational Number Group (RNG) Table













But, as good as our Relational Number Group discovery was, we soon realized that
it was missing an important part of the puzzle – it would be like spending the time to
buy a cake mix, add all the ingredients, stir up the mix - then serve it to your guests
unbaked! Or, perhaps trying to drive your new car home with only 2 tires.


To give us the complete picture we had to spend a great deal of time and effort
to find the proper Cornerstone Number Group (CNG) to compliment the
Significant Relational Number Group (RNG), for each winning Pick-3 lottery number.


Once again, this helped us to put together simple tables (such as the table in the
example you will see below). You would just find the table that contained the
last winning Pick-3 lottery number (in this example the number was 131), and
play each of the 4 shaded numbers in the next drawing.
What could be simplier,
easier, and more straight-forward than that?
A new total of just eight numbers would
be played – at 50 cents each – that’s only $4.00 maximum bet per game!

(Sample) - Cornerstone Number Groups (CNG) Table














If you are like most hard-working people, you get up early 5 to 6 days a week, and
drive to a job where the boss pays you "just enough to keep you" –
all the while
the boss gets rich from your labors
. To add insult to injury, ever since 1944,
our federal state and local governments legally reach into your paycheck and take
up to one-half (½) of it away in taxes - even before you see the money! Some days
it may seem that it is just impossible to get ahead.

But, what if we could show you how to win, and get yourself …

"This is NOT Some Cheap Throw-Away System"



Absolutely NOT!

"Feast Your Eyes on These Excellent Pick-3 Payouts

From An Actual State Lottery . . ."



Winning Number

Straight Payout


9 8 3



4 0 3



4 5 6



7 7 6



0 9 9



3 2 2



9 5 5



7 5 9



4 2 9



2 7 5



9 6 6

$ 233.00


8 9 6

$ 317.50


3 7 1

$ 224.00


1 2 6

$ 215.50



$ 3,609.00


"Do you realize that at this rate, in one short month you would make $14,436.00!"











Using "TECH-7X Method" virtually guarantees you an endless profit! When arranging your bets exactly the way described in "TECH-7X Method" you may actually turn around your win percentage into a high (top-of-the-line) big win percentage to 95% of the time. And, the best part is, can you imagine doing all this with almost no risk involved… and still win thousands of dollars a week!


"TECH-7X Method"


"This is not a "maybe it’s going to work" method or any "fly-by-night" hopeless gambling idea…



This time you finally have the big advantage! It’s like you cracked opened the bank vault. You determine, before hand, how much you would like to profit per drawing. You follow our simple instructions and place your wagers to virtually insure the nicest payouts. The amazing built-in numbers are given to you in an easy step-by-step format laid out in plain "English" taking you only. . .


a few minutes to apply! Less than 5 minutes in most cases to find your numbers.






I can absolutely and unquestionably guarantee that never, ever will you receive a more positively consistent means of selecting your numbers than you will have in your hands upon opening the package containing my new instructions.in lottery history, to my knowledge, has there been any means of selecting numbers, public or private, that could even approach mine for SURE SIMPLICITY and CONSISTENCY. The results of my new discovery could satisfy anyone in the world. Most important, they can satisfy YOU!


By the time you finish reading this letter, we think you will be astonished . . . because this new lottery system is FOR REAL, and because it is now available to YOU for the first time! YOUR chance to take in some real riches out of the daily lottery games! Sales will be limited to a select number of enthusiastic lottery players - - - so don’t waste time - - - send in your order coupon, and …






But hold on there a minute! We don’t expect you to use any of your hard-earned money until you are completely sure that the system works for you – in your state lottery games. Instead, we strongly recommend that you play only on paper first. All you need to do is follow the instructions and make your wagers on paper only, for the first several weeks. This way you won’t be risking a penny of your money until the system has absolutely proven itself to you. You have NOTHING TO LOSE, and MANY, MANY WINNING TICKETS to gain!!!


Still Not Convinced It’s Right For You ?

Let’s Go Over A Few Important Facts:


  1. You select just 4 Simple Sets of Numbers from our Relational Number Group (RNG) tables and 4 Sets of Numbers from our Cornerstone Number Group (CNG) tables to place your bets. A total of just 8 sets of numbers to play - at 50 cents per set, or $4 Maximum Bet per game.
  2. The system gives you the real numbers to play in minutes – No guess- work is involved whatsoever! PLUS, you can get multiple tickets – with the SAME NUMBERS for potentially even BIGGER PROFITS!
  3. Not some Cheap, Throw-Away System. You can keep it for a lifetime, and put it to work practically anytime you want to win money!
  4. So simple, almost anyone can use it – NO COMPLICATED FORMULA!




This could just be a Lottery Players "best friend"! It’s FAST! It’s CONVENIENT!

And Best of All – It’s YOURS FREE - when you order within the next 10 days only! Sorry, due to a very limited supply, we can only send out your FREE Wallet-Sized Card together with your paid order of the "TECH-7X Method".

These card numbers are so "Red-Hot" that you must carry them with you wherever you go to help you out each time you reach for them!

Yours For Endless Lottery Winnings,



P.S. I really don’t want to see you miss out on what may be your best opportunity
ever to start raking in Cash $$$ from the lottery. Please Don’t Delay – order today!

The truly amazing part of the "TECH-7X Method" is that it requires you to play only 8 sets of numbers at 50 cents per set – or, $4.00 worth of tickets each day! The "TECH-7X Method" features a built-in "performance mechanism!" The system consists of principles that are made up of an iron-clad, virtually "no-lose" betting phenomenon that may soon take the country by storm! is a method of play that is completely new, and different from virtually anything in this world you have ever laid your eyes on. It replaces any and all old and out-of-date, outside systems or methods you have ever laid your eyes upon. Its highly regarded "brand new" patterns practically insure the most profits for every dollar wagered! Believe it. . . it is like nothing, but nothing you’ve ever seen! We just can’t stress that fact enough!!For a system this powerful, you might expect to pay $300, $400 – even as much as $500 from other sources. But, as a special introductory first-time offer this year, we will share these remarkable secrets with YOU, and send it out Priority for much, much less – PLUS, if you order in the next 10 days, you will receive a Special FREE GIFT, our exclusive Ultimate Pick-3 Lottery Numbers Wallet-Sized Card. This is our FREE GIFT to you, when we receive your paid order (in the next 10 days only) for this amazingly powerful new system!


But, most importantly, just having all the money you will ever need to do
whatever you want – whenever you want it!

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