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The World’s Greatest Horse Racing System

In this information you will learn something truly incredible....
How to make money, as much as you want in fact by spending 30 minutes to one hour per day!
You may need nothing but my simple plan and the willingness to want to change your life for the better.
Hello!  My name is Charles Kellis and in this information I will show you how I  ( and a handful of other people ) are making …the most incredible sums of money from Horse Racing…by doing something so simple it will amaze you and excite you!
If you ever had the desire to change your present financial situation…
Then you simply must read this letter!
Dear Racing Fan:
        I don’t care what you do for a living now, how many times have you wished for a better way to earn a living?
There is a better way …
I taught this simple method to an auto mechanic within a few hours, and he WON over $30,000 the first two months of play… A YEAR LATER HE WAS OVER $144,000 AHEAD!
A registered nurse from New York, who has never even watched a horse race… won $5,300 the first week she used it… AND NOW PLAYS FULL TIME!!!
An insurance salesman, desperate and out of hope after being laid off from a 22 year career… learned my method quickly… AND HAS BEEN AVERAGING OVER $20,000 PER MONTH IN WINNINGS, from California racetracks!
A fry cook at a fast food restaurant in Florida…won $3,000 the first two weeks of use, by just making his selections in the morning, before work… HE NOW PLAYS FULL TIME AND WINS OVER $3,000 PER DAY.
The list goes on and on! There are a handful of people out there who are winning large sums of money easily… using nothing but a pencil and the simple rules of the
 “World’s Greatest Horse Racing System”
There may be many ways to make money…but nothing is better than this. You need no license or permits, you have no employees or bosses, you don’t have to advertise, there’s no products or selling involved… no business or liability insurance, and best of all… you have absolute security, because my INCREDIBLE method has been winning for over 15 years, AT ALMOST EVERY TRACK IN THE U.S. AND CANADA.
The more people who use “The World’s Greatest Horse Racing System”... the more money you and I will win!
The most astounding fact of my INCREDIBLE method…is how completely different it is from anything you’ve ever seen before. Whatever type of system or method is being used to select winners, one simple fact has always remained… the more people who use a selection method… the lower the prices of the winners… which means … less money for those who use the same method… right?
This is NOT TRUE for the “World’s Greatest Horse Racing System”.
In fact…the exact opposite is true…I want as many people as possible to be using it…why, because the more who are using it…THE MORE MONEY I WILL WIN…AS WELL AS ANYBODY ELSE WHO IS USING IT TOO.
The question is always the same when someone is selling a system or method on how to win at Horse Racing…If it’s so good, why don’t you keep it to yourself, and win all the money you want? The question is a good one and worthy of an answer. But, in fact, every method of play, except for The World’s Greatest Horse Racing System can only be hurt by more people playing it…
On the other hand…the exact opposite is true for my FANTASTIC METHOD!!!
I keep saying how “different” this is from anything you’ve ever seen before… but I don’t think you understand
just how different…
Let me explain this INCREDIBLE fact about my method.  Within each race there is a balance of factors involved. When one factor dominates, other factors tend to dissipate in direct proportion. Regardless of which horse is the best horse at the time of the race, overall…the factors in the race will always balance each other out. Most fans, in facts 99.9% of them, use singular or what I call direct use factors. That is, factors that have been shown to be dominate in an overall way in most other races. The problem is, you can never really be sure of just how strong a certain factor is for each particular race. So, when many people rely on the exact same factor or factors…for a certain race, they tend to bet on the same horses, which in turn causes the winners that are selected to pay less and less.
However… with the “World’s Greatest Horse Racing System”…we use a set of factors which are adjusted randomly for each race, which causes everyone using the method to have slightly different selections from race to race…EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE USING THE EXACT SAME RULES AS EVERYONE ELSE! The more money entering the race from those using the exact same rules, will cause the prices of your selections to actually rise…so you win more than you would have, had no one been using it at all!!!

I want as many people as possible to be using my method…because I will win more money when they do…in addition to the money I make when I sell it!!!

I’m sorry if that sound greedy to you, but I’m being honest with you. There’s no way anyone would sell a winning system for Horse Racing, unless the sale of it would not hurt their own individual play. If you believe otherwise, then I feel sorry for you. In this case, because of the INCREDIBLE “double reverse”, built into my method…I win both ways, by increasing the number of those who are playing my method, which in turn, makes my profits soar…and from the sales of the method itself!  I CAN’T LOSE! ...
Even though The World’s Greatest Horse Racing System has this remarkable feature, unlike anything ever sold before…THE METHOD IS 100% MECHANICAL.

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