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I Did A Lot More Than Just Win The 20 Day



and did it without using past performances ...


The competitors at the "1989 Marathon Handicapping Contest" were a rough group.  Some real top handicappers.  They were shocked as my "Miracle Bet" handled it with ease.  Right from the start I jumped out ahead and never looked back! 

"Here's How The Contest Worked..."

Each participant was given a theoretical $1,000 starting bankroll, and could make any kind of bet for any amount.  And this was not a one day or weekend affair.  The winner would be the one with the largest bankroll after a gruelling 20 days!

 "This Contest Was Unlike Any Other ..."

Because each morning a different track was chosen for the day.  We never bet the same track two days in a row!  We never knew ahead of time what the track would be.  I was ecstatic because I new that this switching tracks every day -- would virtually give me a stranglehold over everyone else.  My "Miracle Bet" has nothing to do with the track or track conditions!  Many of the contestants were good... you could even say "experts" at their track --- but they were completely at a loss at tracks not familiar to them.  It was predictable they would fall apart when away from familiar surroundings.  AND FALL APART THEY DID!  BUT NOT THE CASE WITH MY "MIRACLE BET," BECAUSE IT AVOIDS ALL THE TRAPS AND PITFALLS OTHER HANDICAPPING PROCEDURES FALL INTO!

After One Week we played at 7 Tracks... 

Hollywood, Longacres, Golden Gate, Belmont, Calder, Fairmount, River Downs.


It was virtually predictable.  Good handicappers were able to hold their own at track familiar to them-- some even made a score... BUT when it came to PICKING WINNERS at OTHER tracks MOST were HOPELESS!

I don't like to brag -- but I began to stand out like a sore thumb!  EVERYONE SEEMED TO NOTICE ME BECAUSE EACH PERSONS BANKROLL WAS POSTED ON THE RESULT BOARD at the end of each day.  Consider these results after one week:  Out of 105 contestants there were only 19 who had more than the $1,000 starting bankroll!!  Believe it or not, the remaining 86 so-called top flight handicappers LOST MONEY ... they had less than $1,000 -- and 11 had LOST THEIR ENTIRE BANKROLL!  Posted on the RESULT BOARD for everyone to see was me; "JACK HARRELMAN - $3,448.00."  The next guy was $1,600 behind me; "John Schwartzman - $1,822.00."



My "Miracle Bet" had Seven Straight Winning Days!
I Made Money Betting Every Single Track!  I did not have a Losing Day!
On my worst day I even showed $70.00 profit.

We were now into the second week and quite a few players began to change tactics -- but it didn't help!  Ater 14 days, the original 105 players had dwindled down to only 48... with just 9 players showing any profit.  My bankroll was SO MUCH HIGHER THAN ANYONE ELSE'S I increased my bets substantially.  The RESULT BOARD after the second week; "JACK HARRELMAN - $7,324.  It was now anti-climatic.

It was finally over -- 20 gruelling days -- a Whitewash!
I Turned a $1,000 Bankroll into $12,234 in 20 Days!
I also Collected the Grand Prize for Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00)!

I PICKED UP ANOTHER FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! I had become friendly with five players, ordinary fans, nice guys, who were so overhelmed by my performance, they offered me anything to reveal it.  I agreed.  For $1,000.00 each, I spent another day reviewing the 20 days.  It wasn't the money... but I was real upset about the arrogance of some well-known handicappers.  They barely acknowledged me -- and attributed my success to plain sheer luck.  They had to justify their reputations, especially those with big name publishers and 500 page handicapping book.

Dear Fellow Racing Fans...

I am writing to you today to let you know that I will shar my "MIRACLE BET."  You can now obtain a copy from me -- the same NON-HANDICAPPYING METHOD I used to win the "1989 Marathon Handicapping Contest."  It is pretty clear to me that no one, anywhere, can duplicate my feat!  I promise you that you'll never come across anything like it on your own.  Listen to me carefully -- THERE IS NOTHING COMPARABLE TO MY "MIRACLE BET".  IT WILL ENABLE YOU TO CASH IN MORE BETS THAN YOU EVER CONCEIVED POSSIBLE!

These are not just words... I have demonstrated it and PROVEN IT!  It may outstrip any handicapping method existing ... and make them obsolete ...  But you'll only know as soon as you start cashing in an incredible amount of winning tickets!  This is not just a promise ... this is not just a prediction ... this is the TRUTH, the ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that I personally GUARANTEE... with my Unconditional ONE-YEAR Money-Back Guarantee!

You have two choices... continue to lose or cross over into the winner's circle?  "Miracle Bet" is GUARANTEED to put you in that circle of winning - or your money back!  The only weapon you need to succeed!   

Sincerely Yours,

David Harrelman


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