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What's The Most You'd Ever Pay For A Racing System?

"186 People Had To Make That Decision ...  and 183 of them Each Paid ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for a Copy!"

Mike Simmons and Dave Meehan made 46 trips to the racetrack, in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.  They invited four guests each time to witness their live 3-day performace demonstrating how they would average $500 profit per day -- or $1,500 total over three days.  Each person agreed to buy a copy of their system for $1,500 if they achieved their goal.  Of the 186 people who witnessed this -- 183 paid them $1,500!

Arthur Hobbes was one of those people.


Dear Race Fan,

        Let me introduce myself.  I'm Arthur Hobbes and I'm writing this to tell you about a rare experience, one in which you will be most intrigued.  I believe you'd give anything, as I would, if someone could PROVE TO YOU -- at the track -- that their system WORKS!  For almost all of us, success has been just wishful thinking.

It happened a few months ago when I received an unusual letter from Dave Meehan and Mike Simmons.  It was an invitation to spend THREE DAYS AT THE TRACK with them to witness their approach to racing.  They offered to pay for dinner and expenses, and predicted they'd be $1,500 RICHER!  I could either bet with them or just observe.  They would reveal nothing, except the selections and wagers.

Their letter said...   Well, how often have you heard:  This is an offer you can't refuse!  Well, I believe this is it!!  We are going to show you have up to $500 PER DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!  And we're going to demonstrate it to you... 

As Chris Olmstead / The SPORTS REVIEW reported: "Dave Meehan's system actually worked and my kid brother came home on the plus side the first time in his life -- ahead by $1,562."

We are certain you have never seen a system that operates anything like this.  It is revolutionary and TOTALLY UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU'VE EVER SEEN! 

Here is your chance to own one of the most powerful racing systems in the world -- a system that can play nearly every race and return up to an average of $1.84 per $1.00 wagered.  


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